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Here you will find frequently asked questions.


  1. Who is your vet?
  2. Do you allow owners to watch you groom?
  3. Why don't you board pets?
  4. Who is your webmaster?
  5. How often should I get my pet groomed?
  6. I am looking to get a new dog any suggestions?
  7. What is Crystallized?


Who is your vet?

I get this question a lot from my new clients.  I and a lot of my clients use Dr. James F. Link.  He is located at North Stanly Animal Clinic, 229 S. Main Street, New London, NC 28127.  His number is (704)463-7356.

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Do you allow owners to watch you groom?

Sure! Surprised by that answer.  Call other Groomers and find out how many will let you watch. I have a few clients that like to watch but most run errands and pick up their pet later.  Most pets I have found do better when their owners are not there watching (may be distracting to the pet). However, I have no issue with you watching or staying in the shop.  Now you need to ask yourself, would you trust your pet with someone who will not let you watch.  

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Why don't your board pets?

I don't board pets for several reason.  I do not leave your pet alone while he/she/they are in my care.  If I boarded pets I could never leave my home.  Also, it would cost me more in insurance and help.  

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Who is your webmaster?

My brother handles my website who is owner of Awesome "J" Productions.  No, there is not enough money for him to do yours.  It takes a lot of time to build and maintain. 

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How often should I get my pet groomed?

This varies greatly based on breed, whether your pet stays in or out, or if it is a show dog.  Most of my clients book every 4-6 weeks.  Some I see weekly and others I see once or twice a year.  

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I am looking to get a new dog any suggestions?

This too varies greatly.  Are you looking for a show dog, a family pet (kid friendly), a hunting dog, or a companion.  Feel free to call me and I will give you advice based on my years of experience and your current and future situation (dogs need a lot of attention).  I can also give you the pluses and minus of pure breeds. I even have clients who have brought the puppy over for me to look at to ask my opinion.   


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What is Crystalized?

Crystalized is a phrased coined by one of my clients (Mr. C). When it comes time for him to bring Dolley in, he tells her lets go get Crystalized

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